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Welcome to Club Run Course

     We hope your experience at Club Run is enjoyable. Club Run is a shorter but demanding                course (4230-4230-6226). For your enjoyment, may we suggest that only  0-5 handicap play          the back tees, 5-10 handicap play blue tees, 10-20 handicap play Silver tees and 20+ handicap      play oranage tees. The slope rating supports that high handicap players may not enjoy playing      a course that is too difficult for their typical shot characteristics. Markers in the fairway denote        the distance from the center of the green.
  1. Tee it high and let it fly. This may be your last chance! The tee on this hole is elevated and large. There was once a farm pond directly in front of the tee, maybe the easiest lake you will ever hit over! The hole doglegs left around a large Honey Locust tree to a large open, easy to approach green.                                                                                                            
  2. Study this hole before teeing it up. This is a Redan design. The green is quite narrow and is skew to the tee. If the pin is on the front half, then it plays relatively easy. But if the pin is back left, it is very difficult to get close, especially when playing from the gold tees. The further right you tee, the easier this hole plays. Don't be long or you might find remnants of a turn of the century wooden bridge over Walnut Creek, if the water is low, you can see two of the old supports in the creekbed.                                                                                             
  3. Your drive is everything on this hole. I hope you are teeing from the proper teeing area for your ability. One key to survival of this hole is to stay toward the right side of the fairway, not trying to cut the dogleg left. A proper tee ball will give you an opportunity to continue with a three wood. If the tee ball goes left and long, you might find yourself inspecting the gravel pit that was used when Grant County first covered the roads with gravel! This gravel pit has provided five generations of Ballingers a place to swim. Not very deep now, but this grandad is glad! (back to golf) Your second shot must carry a small creek "Club Run." The approach shot is kind of tricky also because the green lies right to left from the fairway and is elevated so that a misplaced shot will likely cause a short chip back on. I'm very happy here with a bogey!                                                                                                                                       
  4. Tease Tease Tease This is a short par 4, driveable from any tee provided you keep it straight!                                                                                                                                     
  5. First shot here is not critical, the second shot must put you in position to cross back over Club Run Creek. One of the earliest thoughts of a golf course on this property occurred from this tee/cornfield. I often thought about how secluded and beautiful this field would be if in bluegrass. (sidetracked again) The second shot hopefully will have put you in great position (squarely in front of green) or else you must lob the ball over mature trees lining Club Run Creek. Drop the ball cozily into the green and a routine par can be had! Go for it in two.

  6. Follow the path along Club Run Creek and cross over the bridge past the tree lined ridge on your right and meander up the hill. Many quail have been spotted along this ridge, a small paw paw patch also resided along this fence line. (Indiana Bananas as locals call them) Short but sweet!  Up along the woods and over the hill, try to lay up (185yds.) just short of the juvenile forest. Lay up too short and the green will not be very receptive. Stand on this green and look any direction and you will wonder where you really are. Many people during construction, trying to figure out the new holes came to me and said "you forgot one hole" this is the forgotten hole, no one knew this hole even existed until we penciled the scorecard! Treasure this moment! Believe it or not, one of my worst nightmares was a forgotten hole on one of our golf courses!!! Don’t forget where you are, follow the path through a 30 year old forest where the deer call home and find the next tee                           
  7. I again hope you are playing the correct set of tees for your ability! Gold tees require a 210 yard carry over water, blue tees 175 yard carry and white tees much less. Accuracy is equally important to this tee shot, do not wander with the tee ball or jail will result. The green is long and narrow but slopes left to right, keep the tee ball straight! This may prove to be one of the most demanding tee shots on this side! I think more people have talked of the beauty of this hole than any other. The pond gives some spectacular reflections!                       
  8. Another great vista, the green is straight away, just 165 yards par 3. Concentrate on the shot, a slight miss hit                                                                                                                         
  9. More people talk of this hole than any other. Play this hole conservatively and little problems will result. A smooth 7 or 8 iron will work nicely here for the first shot. Ease the ball into the landing area and you are half way there. This landing area narrows as you get more bold. Just line up parallel to the dam and drop the ball left of and past the big walnut tree on the right side of the fairway. You are now about 130 out from the green. This will be the most difficult part of this hole, requiring a precise second shot, not much margin for error here. I think the bark is worse than the bite on this hole, unless the wind is blowing strong and then anything can happen!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  10. Remember #1, this hole is similar to it except the green is different. Dogleg left and fairly open. Great view from the tee this course surely isn’t as tight and tough as everyone says--- looks simple from here enjoy!!!                                                                                                  
  11. Great hole, are you warmed up yet? If so, you can easily get home on this par 5 in 2 shots however, there is more potential for high numbers than this gamble may be worth. Your best bet is to lay up just short of the green on your 2nd shot and chip on close to maybe get a bird. A close 3rd shot chip is your best birdy chance. I hope you play different sets of tees from time to time because this can be a straight hole or a double dogleg depending upon your tee selection. This hole may be short, but I expect it not to yield many birdies, only giving rewards to the best executions.                                                                                      
  12. Wow!! This may be one of the greatest par 3 holes in Indiana! It is not a particularly long hole, (145yds) but with the elevation, trees, Club Run Creek, rocks, trees, lake, fish jumping, deer running, killer frogs etc. Just enjoy this hole!!! You have one shot here make it count!      
  13. This is the one hole that you can let it rip, and strength here does help. Make it to the top of the hill and everything is downhill from there. Do not go right on the tee shot or you will not know where to go from there, keep the tee shot in the fairway. The green sets at the bottom of the hill just waiting to swallow up a shot and produce a birdie. Good luck!                                 
  14. This is a short par 5, slightly uphill and dogleg left. Sounds easy so far? Well, I haven't told you that the rumor is we tried to keep it two bulldozer widths wide and there are trees everywhere! Just stop and be quiet for a minute; this is what life is all about!!! Don't get too serious about your game; this hole might frustrate you. Try a controlled drive, short of where the really big trees begin, then punch a 7 iron just past the large tree on the left, and finally a wedge or 9 iron over the twin Pin Oaks to the smallest green of Club Run. Oh yes, don't forget the lake that wraps around the left side and back of the green. That wasn't so tough was it! Control is the key to a good score here.                                                                                  
  15. Have I mentioned control yet? This hole is a pleasingly simple par 4 straight away to a green that bends into the hill that it possesses. A 3 or 5 wood will work nicely here; more will land you in "Club Run" again. A well placed tee shot will yield a remaining 100-120 yard approach shot. The green is above you so judge accordingly. This is potentially the toughest putting surface on the course, so try to get close. If you miss this green, miss it right.! Don't be left — OB. Don't be right because the green is sloped right to left. If you try and drive it, I hope you hit the green! — not! — wow what a feeling!!! Hit will cause big numbers. This is a moderate to small size 3 tier green. Pay close attention or this may be a costly hole in match play.                                                                                                           
  16. This is a modest length par 3 with the green above you. The heather on the left and wild flowers on the right gives an accent to the valley through which you must traverse. A large, slightly tiered putting surface will greet a ball with open arms and hopefully yield a birdie. Caution should be used however because water at the back right will also accept a ball, probably many.                                                                                                                          
  17. This is a fun, picturesque hole. Don't try to overdo that driver. Sound familiar? too much might feed "Club Run" again. The key to this hole is keep it straight off the tee.  A wild drive will cause your your approach shot to seek the wooded area quicker than you can say, "gosh darn"  From the tee, aim toward the bridge and your second shot will be much easier.  This green is tightly surrounded by forest!  Don't get too sloppy here because the green grabber lurks to steal your ball and feed the woods!  This is not a large green but was tough to build: who cares?! Well, that is why there are three tiers to negotiate your par 4. (that is my story and I am sticking to it!)                                                                                                                                 
  18. Begin this hole at a beautifully elevated teeing area with a 20 ft drop into, you guessed it, "Club Run." The large wide valley demands a lengthy tee shot; hope yours is good! The second shot to this moderately length par 4 will demand a course in distance evaluation. Don't come up short, because the lake will grab your ball and only frustrate you. Being a little long is no sin, but again, you will worry when shooting back toward the green and lake! One more thing, I really didn't bury a Volkswagen in the middle of this green. It only looks a little that way. Choose carefully the area of the green that you want to land on because the undulations may intimidate you once landed.

    Hopefully you have enjoyed our golf course.

                                                                  Club Run

         Club Run was named after the creek that flows north westerly through the property; this                  name is thought to have been given when the first surveyors platted the county. Likewise                Walnut Creek is also named after the Creek flowing westerly through both courses.

        Holes 1-4 and 14 - 18 were opened May 1995. Holes 5 - 13 opened May 1998.

         Thank you for visiting our course. This is not only our business----it is our life. Please tell us                 if we did not meet or exceed your expectations, tell a friend if you found our course to be                   a pleasant experience. This is our newer course that opened in 1995 and 1998.                                       Randy and Sara