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Walnut Creek Short Course
New for 2014 Walnut Creek Short Course We have installed a new set of tees for beginners and those who no longer can hit the ball like they used to.  And I am not talking 4500yards instead of 5000yards.  This course is much shorter and can be used by kids or anyone else who wants to practice their short game.  It is a different challenge than the tees that you currently play.  We will have a measurement soon and will have a scorecard just for the short course. We encourage all of our regulars to try each set of tees that are more forward of the ones that you typically play.  It is a different challenge and will add interest to the game and also help you on clubs that you don't normally use.  Golf is not defined by a specific yardage, it is about the challenge of getting the ball in the hole from the starting tee.  We hope everyone tries these new tees but most importantly, they are now available so some of the distance challenged golfers will be able to enjoy the game a lot more!