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‚ÄčKids Club Golf CourseIt is now  OPEN!
New for 2014 and continuing as a big hit with the Kids is the Kids Club Golf Course. Developed by Randy using the same principles that he used when he learned to play golf.  Make it look and feel like a regular golf course and have something that is reachable for the very young players. (I was very young when I developed a love for golf!) We used orange juice cans when I learned, but we have the new and improved 8" cups.  This is a 9 hole golf course along the drive as you enter Club Run Course. We encourage parents to bring their kids to learn the game for life!  When playing at the new course you will not hear the normal "Daddy, I am tired" when they reach the 2nd hole. Over the years I have heard so many times "I wish I had learned when I was young, but I am too old now."  Well the first part is true but the being too old is rubish, golf knows no age limits!
A few of the great things about the course;
The course is for KIDS!
It is only 329 yards total
Tees and Greens are defined
Fairways are mowed like normal fairways
It is only available for ages 10 and under with supervision of an adult
Adults may play free if accompanied by a child under 10
Adults are encouraged not to use wedges and take divots, this is a learning course to teach pitch and run to your junior!
All players must sign in at Walnut Creek Clubhouse or Club Run Clubhouse if it is open
.Scorecards will be provided
Clubs are available free for use
Hours will correspond with the Driving range
Please wear full shirts and no tank tops
Please supervise your children, do not let them wander off of the Kids Club Course
Kids with golf clubs should be supervised closely, clubs and balls are very hard, children's bones are very soft!
‚ÄčIT IS FREE -------but you must sign in first!