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I69 Golf TrailBe sure to see the I69 Golf Trail website.  Walnut Creek  is proud to be one of the Founding members of the new I69 Golf Trail!  We are the  Anchor Course on the south end of the trail trail!  There are several courses along I69 that specialize in golf packages. Walnut Creek Golf Courses have worked with hotels to create affordable golf packages for over 25 years.  We are the only location where you can load up one time and play two courses without driving to the second 18 holes!  Our location is exactly 100 miles from the Michigan-Indiana State line on I69.   With over 25 years offering Golf Stay and Play packages at Walnut Creek we understand the importance of your golf vacation.  The I69 golf corridor has fantastic golf of all price ranges and with the signature courses and home grown golf you are sure to experience a golf trip that will please ! Let us help put together a trip for you.