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Every Monday is free greens fees For Veterans and active service personnel. No purchase required! Tee off between 10:00 and 2:00 at CLUB RUN  Please make a tee time if you can. Be sure to register for the Free Veterans Discount card that is always good here at Walnut Creek and Club Run. THANK YOU FOR OUR FREEDOM ! We also want to thank all the other local golf courses for following our lead and giving Veterans free golf on Mondays!

Below find some of the  monthly scores since 2011 

The Navy is again scores the Victory and gets another medal.  They defeated the Army soundly with 9.05 to 5.35  for the month of August!  Great work guys! The Navy is again off to a fantastic start for August.  They bring the golfers out to play!  The Navy leads the  9.05 to the Army's  2.35.  Seems like the Marines and the Air Force are on vacation! (and did not bring their clubs!)  It is still early in the month so it is still anyone's game. The Navy continues to show strong teamwork.  They won again in July with 12 points to the Army with 6.3 followed by the Marines and Air Force lagging far behind.  Keep turning in your scorecards, we have more players than cards so support your branch and make them look good by turning in your scorecard.! June was a fun month for us because of hosting the Indiana State Legion  Tournament.  Thanks for all Veterans and Sons of Veterans that played in the tournament. We hope you can come back and see us!  The June scores were dominated by the Navy and the Army.  Navy outscored the Army with a 8.8 and the Army had 6.6    The Marines and the Air Force tied far behind with only participation points.  The Army and Navy are going head to head most of the time to earn another medal! This is a new year and new contest for many.  Great to see so many new faces!  Thanks for being here but more than that thank you for your service to keep our freedom!The spring event will end on the 26th Memorial Day!  Right now the Air Force is kicking butter with a 6.95  The next is the Navy men with 4.6 followed by the Army with 3.2  The Marines need some help next Monday with a .25   Next week the spring match will be decided.Since next week is a Holiday, PLEASE make reservations and stay within the 10:00-2:00 time frame.  We want everyone to play but we will be more crowded so if we know who is coming we can accommodate everyone!  This will avoid you having to wait to play your match!  The Air Force Stayed strong in September with a decisive win!  The saying "A few Good Men" can translate into  "A Few Good Golfers".  They Scored  6.7 points with the Navy at 4.6 and the Army at 3.7  It has been a fun year for us and the Medals were shared by several branches of service.  It has been a really fun year for us, we have been rewarded with several "thank you's".Recently a member of the 1613th Engineering Support Company of Jalalabad Afghanistan gave us a plaque with a flag enclosed that was flown over FOB Fenty Jalalabad, Afhganistan Jan 10th 2010.  It was in honor of Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Fenty that died in service of his country along with 9 other soldiers May 5, 2007.  I hope each of you that read this will take a moment to think about our service men and women that give everything  for our freedom.  Please say a prayer for these men and women, they protect This Great Nation as all of the former soldiers have protected us.  I hope each of you that have played this year during the Monday Veterans golf events will bring out another Veteran so that you can share yourself with another that may need a friend.The competition is over for 2013 but Veterans are free to enjoy the same Monday golf days as they have done all summer.  Again, thank you for sharing your time with us. September starts off with a strategic strike by the Air Force.  They lead with 5.2 points followed by the Navy with 4 and the Army with 2.1  Guess the Marines are retired this month, they were not on the scoreboard.  Come on guys, the Marines need to get into the battle this month.  Again as we reflect on 9/11, all our thoughts are with the families of those lost in the atrocity and the heroes that worked so hard to save those that did survive.  Again, without our military we would not be free from these events happening all the time. Thanks to each and every one of our Veterans. The battle was fierce on Monday, even the Marines gained ground by scoring 2.25 points in one battle.  The Army gets the medal this month with a resounding 7.25 over the Navy's 5.1  This was a fun month with very close scores all along.  Less than .1 points separated the winners from the second place on several holes.  It could have gone either way.  I was a little surprised to see the Marines come on so strong yesterday!  Great fun, I hope you all enjoy this tournament as much as I do.  Don't forget to come out for the Patriot Golf Day this weekend.  We are collecting free will donations for the Folds of Honor Foundation all weekend, we have been a part of this since it was started and I personally know Dan Rooney that started the program.  It was the same year that the Indiana Golf Course Owners sent over 2 ton of golf supplies to Iraq and Walnut Creek led the effort.  I ask you veterans to stop by even if you are not playing during the weekend to donate what you feel you can spare.  We will be contributing also.  Veterans will play on Labor Day no charge as always.  We hope you will donate to the cause since you are receiving free fees, maybe you could put the amount of the normal greens fees into the box!  Thanks for considering this option!   HAPPY HOLIDAY! The tide has gone out for the Navy,   I said it was tight and the Army accepted the challenge.  The Army now leads the challenge 7.2 to 5.3   It still can go either way as it is very close.  We only have one more match in August so you guys need to bring out the big guns!  Should be a fun day Monday! The race is tight.  The Navy leads 5.1 over Army 4.6.  Several holes are tied so it can go either way.  Should be a good match right up until the end of August! New twist for the Start of August!  Navy takes the lead over the Army!  5.8 to 4.7.  Marines and Air Force yet to get on the board.  I know some of you are not turning in your cards, lets help the team, turn them in! July totals!    Several holes changed from one branch to another this month, pretty tight on each hole.  But again the Navy Men were the victors with. 8.05 followed by the army with 6.15.  They left the Air Force and Marines far behind with 1.9 and 1.4  Please turn in your score card, it will help with your team points even if you don't set the course record.  We have had far more veterans play than we have scores.  Lets turn in your cards!The trend continues, the Navy has the lead with 6.7 and the Army close behind with 4.7 followed by the the Marines and Air Force tied with 1.7   We have one more Monday left in July so things can change.  Lets make this last stand for July a true test of medal.  Thanks for being here, we appreciate the sacrifices you have made for our country.This month Navy has a comfortable lead with 6 points followed by Army with 4.5.  Marines have 3.5 and the Air Force has 2.5 Still kind of close, the lead can still change.  We need to bring in more troops to shore up the Marine base.  It has been a while since they have won the monthly battle, they are within striking distance! New Month marking the 43 year of Walnut Creek we celebrate our Veterans and understand we would not be a free nation playing golf without their sacrifices.  Thanks to all you veterans.  Celebrate your accomplishments!  July started off rather slowly with not so nice of weather but it did not discourage the Veterans!  the Navy (must like the water) leads with 5.65 followed by the Marines (they also like the water)  with 2.5.  The Army is close behind with 2.25 and the Air Force with 2.  I believe a record was set here, more tied holes than any other week, with 8 tied holes including a 4 way tie.  Tight right now-- can go any direction.  So as we celebrate our freedom on the 4th, please say a little prayer for our troops that are still in harms way.  We need them to come back to our families when they finish their job. The week of June 24 finished June with a very close race and a lot of holes changing.  The Navy kept the Army at bay, the Navy had 9 the Army was close behind with 8.  The Air Force had 3.2 with a little help from the tail section and the Marines had 2.4 The week of June 17th was a close one for the Armed Services competition.  Navy is still leading with a narrowing margin of 5.1 over 3.85 for the Army with the Marines on their tail at 2.45.  The Air Force has 1.2.  BUT, I might give a little extra spirit award for the Air Force, the guys from GRISSOM Air Base 38032 brought over a tail section for me.  It is here in the proshop, (not really an aircraft tail but what they made is really cool !  Thanks guys!  Honorary Doctorate degrees are given out all the time, what do you think about a couple of bonus points! Lets bring up the Air Force to 3.2   Now it is really a race!  Thanks to all you veterans for everything you have done and are doing for our country!  YOU  make our country great! 2013 has been a slow start for golf.  But the Veterans have gotten right to it.  As of this week the Navy leads the Marines 7 to 3.4 with the Army following with 1.4.  We still have two more Mondays left in May including Memorial day.  We are allowing Veterans to play free on Memorial Day again this year.  So, lets get in gear you guys, pride is on the line!  The start of October was well attended, The Navy leads at 2.8 followed by the Marines with 2.1 and Army and the Air Force each with 1.1  This will be the final medal for the year and it will end when the weather gets bad so score early and score often!  There are many holes that are tied so it can swing fast! The final week of September gave little surprises, the Navy rallied to win 4.6 to the Army 3.6 and Air Force 2.2 followed by the Marines at .9  This is always a heated battle and the Navy seems to rally at the end if necessary to win this year.  They have played well even though the Army always has the most players. The middle of September is heating up even though the temps are lowering.  This may be the month for the Marines to get the win.  They are within striking distance of the two leaders that are neck and neck.  Navy leads with 3.4 followed by the Army with 3.2 and then the Marines have 2.7 followed by Air Force with 1.7  This will be a close race, only 1 week to go! Great day for the Veterans!  Several played and scored for their team.  A lot of holes changed to different winners including an eagle on # 14 by a Navy player.  The score for this week's match is Navy 3.5, Army 2.6 followed by the Marines at 2.1 and the Air Force at 1.1  If you are a Veteran, come on out and enjoy the fun and fellowship with your fellow Veterans.  We have had a few  come out after the 2:00 cutoff time, up till now we have let them play but with the earlier darkness and twilight starting at 4:00pm we will have to stop the free Veteran play at 2:00 as we have always done. With the foul weather experienced on Monday Sept 3rd, only a few showed up, with the second batch of cards it is now in the Navy's favor.  Navy 5.2 and Army 3.3  Still a long way to go till the end of the month with only a few scores.August Ended with The Army rally.  The Army gets the medal with 4.7 followed closely by the the Navy at 4.4  The Air Force had 1.9 followed by the Marines with 1.4One week left in August, Navy has lost it's grip, the Army has fought hard and is now leading the skirmish!  One more match left in August and Army leads 5.0 to the Navy 3.4 followed by Air Force with 2.3 and then the Marines with 1.4  Everyone has chipped away at the Navy lead, it is all about teamwork!  Thanks for playing and may the best scores win the Medal for the month of August!August competition started with the Navy once again charging off with the lead, 6. with the Army's 3.1   The Marines and the Air Force follow with less than 1 point each.  Lets get it in gear and make this month a real competition like last month.  July could have gone either way up until the last day and the Navy came on strong knowing they were in danger of ending their streak! July ended with the Navy once again winning the competition.  Navy had 5.1, Air Force 3.65 and  Army followed with 3. The Army is the winner  in June!  They have 7.0 to the Navy's 3.05 points.  The Air Force is came on strong with 2.35 points narrowing in on the Navy.  the Marines only scored .3, but they did get on the board.  Just not enough time for anyone to overcome the fine show the Army put on early in the month!  Good Contest this month, thanks to all who played! Memorial Day was a great day for the Navy.  The Navy won the may medal with a score of 4.65 to the trailing Army Score of 3.5 and the Air Force couldn't keep up the momentum; they ended with a 3.35  Thanks to all the Veterans for keeping it fun!  Remember June is a new month and all is square.  See you Monday!The summer is heating up with a very close race to be decided on Monday!  Yes, the Veterans will still get free greens fees on Monday.  The score is ever so close and could go any of 3 ways depending upon who scores best and has the most players!  The May leader going into the last match of the month is the Navy with 3.7 following closely is the Air Force with 3.1 and then the ground assault from the Army with 2.5, the Marines are coming from behind with 2.2 so they are making points!  You guys bring so much joy to all of us here at Walnut Creek, thanks for protecting our freedom!The spring has been a busy one, with all the great weather and superb conditions we have seen a lot of veterans. The first Medal shall be awarded, It was a surprise, the Marines kicked with a late start and just a few players but fell short, the Army continued to be strong leading the way until the last few players finished but then the Navy overcame all adversities with a strong finish!  The first Medal of 2012 goes to the Navy with 5.8 points followed by the Army with 4.75 and the Marines got on the board with 1.85. Again, thanks for all the fun it brings us; and thank you for what you did for me and my family when you served. 2011 The final medal for the year was awarded to the Navy, 7.2 with the Army following a distant 2nd with a score of 4.4.   Great year for Veterans, I see much more appreciation each year for our service personnel.  Our country would not enjoy the freedoms we have without the earned freedom that our veterans have fought hard to keep!  Thank you Veterans!Thanks for all those who gave a donation for "Patriot Golf Day"  The money goes toward Wounded Warriors Foundation helping wounded soldiers and their families.  With your help, Walnut Creek sent in a check for over $300.   I am proud to be an American and extremely proud of our Vet's!